Avail Merchant Account Instant Approval for Tech-Support Business on the Go

The technical support industry provides services to users regarding technical products. Tech Support supports with specific service or product problems. They do not provide any training, any customization or provision of the product. After buying any product, many companies offer tech support for the services of the product, mainly provided through phone, email, live software support through a website, or other tools.

The categories of tech support include Call in which is most common, block hours which allow the clients to purchase a certain amount of hours for tech support on an agreed price, managed services which include 24/7 monitoring services and lastly crowdsourced technical support which provides with discussion boards for the users of their company products.

Tech Support industry is seen as one of the fastest-growing industries. But banks still seemed not so eager to approve their high-risk merchant account for the business sector, which in turn does not allow them to do high-risk credit card processing and transactions.

The tech support industry has a high-risk merchant account because of full of technical scammers according to the banks where they fraud money and information about people. The pop-up messages, which are sent by the fraud tech support, leads to computer problems in the user’s computer. The fraud tech support calls the users as saying they have identified viruses or malware in their computers, and for the support, they tell the users to subscribe to their hefty fee enroll or subscription.

And if the user subscribes it, they lose their information and money to these scammers’ hands. This is an activity that has been noticed among tech support services, where the scammers steal people’s money and information. As a matter of fact, according to the information of the Federal Trade Commission, they estimated that in the year of 2015, the consumers approximately lost $24.6 million from these scammers of tech support. About $280, a consumer loses on an average on each scam, considering it a high-risk credit card processing platform.

Due to substantial chargeback issues and frauds, banks o not trust these industries by providing them with a safe transaction site. The banks do not want to deal with their potential loss. Therefore, the real and legitimate tech support providers search for a high-risk merchant account provider for secure high-risk credit card processing and transactions.

In terms of credit card processing, the merchant account refers to legal technical support services that might offer computer or software services. These services include:

  1. Removal of software or its installation.
  2. The set-up of the hardware or the router.
  3. Scanning and removal of the viruses.
  4. The support services from the email, as well as a remote browser.
  5. Printer support

Even though we look for platforms for a great deal, it is still risky for us to take an interest in the high-risk merchant account. Many processors fail to support these high-risk merchant accounts. If you haven’t started your technical support account with a great platform dealing with high-risk credit card processing and transactions, you might have to face your account’s closure without any notice.