If you are in online business, especially in online gaming businesses having high-risk transactions, a dedicated merchant account helps you a lot as you have total control over your funds. Are you in a business involving high-risk online transactions? Don’t worry for the high risk in your business. We provide you the secure high-risk merchant accounts. We have helped thousands of online and retail business owners to get secure merchant accounts.

What Is Merchant Account And Why It Is Essential?

It is an online or virtual bank account that holds your money for a few days after successful approval by the payment gateway from where your money will go into your business account. You can open either a dedicated merchant account or an aggregate merchant account. In the former type, you have total control over your money while in later, you can pool off the money to the bank account of another company. A merchant account is essential in case you allow your customers to pay online through credit cards. Especially if you are in gaming business, you must have a highly secure merchant account for online games.

We provide instant approval for merchant account

If you are in urgent need of getting a secure merchant account for the business, you need to contact us today and get instant approval on merchant accounts. We have several high-risk service providers that offer instant approval on a high-risk merchant account for online games.

Here are just a few of the business types we work with

We work with different types of businesses and help them in getting a highly secure merchant account and we can approve merchant accounts in less than 48 hours.

  • Online gaming of any type like a casino, mobile gaming, online poker, social gaming, etc.
  • Event tickets
  • Electronic cigarette stores
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Penny auction sites
  • Dating websites, and many more.

What you need to do for application

You just submit the following documents with us, and we will take care of the rest. We will also give you consultations on arranging these documents.

  • Social Security Number
  • Bank Statement
  • A canceled check
  • Recent Passport size photographs.
  • We have online merchant applications with instant approvals.

How We Work For You

We believe that not every processor is fit for every business and is equally valid in the merchant services industry. So we have a specific approach and use specific expertise for different kinds of businesses and provide solutions accordingly like gaming business requires a more secure transaction gateway. We provide help to our clients in getting a merchant account for online games accordingly. We compare merchant account rates with our clients. Arrange a session to answer questions about customer service and talk about Interchange rates and more, without any hidden intention. All we do is to provide a secure and satisfactory end to end services to our client.