Best Merchant Account Approval for Adult Websites on the Same Day

The adult industry is growing day by day and booming as one of the most profitable industries. We Provide Best Adult Merchant Account In USA. The merchants of the adult industry provide their customers with various types of goods and services, including various photographs videos and many other services. But due to the lucrative businesses of the adult industry and different rules and regulations they have to follow, the banks deny their applications for a merchant account and consider them a high-risk merchant account.

Banks are not yet ready to provide proper credit cards and transaction processing platforms to these high-risk merchant accounts. The high amount of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions are present in these industries, making many of the world’s well known and large banks not allow their high-risk credit card processing and transactions.

The challenges that adult industry merchant faces are many, but some problems are described as follows:

Banks consider the adult industry as a high-risk merchant account because of their high-risk credit card processing services with a card- not present transaction. Cardholders generally do not know the customers’ credentials as they do not sign up for their purchases. There are also some of the other reasons why the bank can say that the adult industry merchant accounts are high-risk merchant account.

  1. Only a customer needs to pay when that is a subscription-based payment.
  2. High-risk credit card processing can be considered here because of the large amount of transaction processing can be noticed.
  3. Having no or very less credit card credentials and processing history.
  4. Banks deny the merchant accounts of the adult industry merchants because of the strict and legal rules and regulations related to this industry.
  5. Most of the time, banks do not want to do high-risk credit card processing and transactional works with these high-risk merchant accounts because of controversial issues.

Therefore, these high-risk merchant accounts need to find appropriate service providers for themselves. Most of the time, the adult merchant industry and accounts search for offshore banking partners. They might have less trading restrictions and can provide them with a legitimate chance of online processing and transactions, just like other eCommerce sites. These merchant sites try to find online processing providers more.

Some of the factors which these industry merchants search for are:

  1. Fast approvals of an adult merchant account for quick order placements.
  2. Multiple payment methods will include acceptance of credit cards and debit cards for all types of customers, including the international payment method benefits.
  3. Taking payments through different kinds of channels, may it be websites or mobile apps.
  4. Subscription for unlimited billing plans, which will be convenient for the customers as well.
  5. Secure processing platforms for the business as well the customers with proper encryption of the sensitive data.
  6. Fighting automatically from all the fraud transactions.
  7. The tools will mainly help in stopping chargeback services and will manage to grow the business.
  8. The high volume of adult merchant accounts for supporting high-risk credit card processing and transactions.
  9. Diminishing the processing risk by not depending on single bank support. Exploring their options to those platforms providing them with different services legitimately.